December has been very busy here: my father Kasali working on the door panels of Sango, and also a new statue of Sango.

The panels my father is working on (almost finished) also depict Oya, the irunmole of wind and storm who is more fierce than her husband Sango and who is sometimes said to wear “short pants”; Osun, the irunmole of sweet waters and fertility who is also a fierce warrioress of great beauty and refinement; and Osoosi, the brother of Ogun and a slim, wirey hunter who is very quick on foot in the forest.

Powerful irunmole take much time and care to depict. We must listen to how they want to be portrayed, and our hands and tools must follow their wishes.

left to right: Osun, Sango, Oya and Osoosi

Here are more photos of the door panels. My kid brother is helping out.

My younger brother Akin, carrying on the tradition

And here I am helping Baba too.

Adekunle Taking part in the project

More views of the panels:

Osun, Sango, Oya, Osoosi

We work on our projects where neighbors, friends and family members can wander by and sit and talk for a few hours or just observe the process of birth as the sculptures come to life.

My younger brother Rosco, the neighbor’s baby boy and my little sister Toyosi love to help Baba with his work.

A New statue of Sango being born...


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