Irin Ajo Lawa=we are all on Journey


Akangbe Ogun

Baba Akangbe Ogun

Alafia {Peace} to you all the wonderful people of the word.
Though I have not been able to post on this blog for some time now,I have been busy,there are have been several activities going on.
The family grow larger as Olodumare grant my parent four grand-children in a month.Ogun yee.


towing the line of his father,the master Image maker himself.


The annual Ogun festival of my clan also came up in May 12;it was a very wonderful celebration that was filled with great blessings for us all.ase

Ogun Yeee

Ogun Shrine


Friends and tourists are also coming in to enjoy their trip,I make sure that they go to their desired places and see to it the that they are happy to make the trip in the end.

On the guide

Ade making hisfriends/ the tourists have good few and understanding of Osun grove and other places they went


Brothers and sisters from Diaspora are also coming in to do their orisha ceremonies; I make sure that their orisha works are properly handled by the best hands.


At the Osun initiation of friends from states


I give thanks to Olodumare /
God for his Blessings, thank all the Irunmonle for their guidance and favors on the family here and all over the world. All the people who will be happy for all the things that are good are my people, that is why I have a very large family across the world.ase


Ose sango

The family trade, the art of wood carving is also going on as orders were made; numbers of works were shipped to the private collectors who commissioned them.

Ore yeye oo


There are other orisha carvings that are still on ground that are waiting for their rightful owner.ase

I also do help people across the ocean to get objects or items even cloths from here and shipped to them.The picture below is from numbers of Ile Ori that I help a priest abroad to get done here and ship to him.

Ile Ori,this is a small kind ,there are other types


Thanks for taking your time to read on the post


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