OLODUMARE/GOD/Orisha,IFA and Yoruba World.

One does not need to be babalawo to answer the question on if Yoruba belief in Almighty God or not.

Yoruba believe and recognize God/OLODUMARE..and that is why we have names for HIM.

In every complete spiritual process,the first respect goes to OLODUMARE for HIS Ase.

My contribution will be from practical side view.
Ifa,the spiritual knowledge of creations in the past,present and future of earth and heaven (aye&orun). Orunmila is the Orisha that brought Ifa and both are inseparable, you cannot mention Ifa without mentioning Orunmila…

I have lived few years above 10years in 3 times in Yoruba land; All my life living as a Yoruba man,I have not heard when it’s said Orunmila went to learn Ifa in Egypt or ……

Orunmila came with Ifa knowledge to make aye(life) a better place for everyone.

Borrowing of practice forms from foreign religions to Isese.i.e. Orisha of our ancestors way of life is what is causing many confusion including the question being asked by many about God understanding in traditional Orisha practice.

Any babalawo that tell you that Ifa or Yoruba don’t believe or recognize God almighty as alpha and omega is a fraud, stop talking to such man because he’s fake..
Ifa is the knowledge and understanding of spirituality of Orisha practice with spiritual calculations that bring and interpret messages,warnings,solutions,advice from spirits(this include Orishas,Iyami,ancestors etc and even God) for human.
One can not finish learning Ifa as the knowledge is very wide,it’s a continuous education that one study till last breath.

To be in Orisha practice does not mean that you must be a babalawo,So saying Ifa practitioners to represent people that follow practice of Orisha to get to OLODUMARE is not even complete because there are other classes of Orisha people like Osun,OGUN,Sango,Obatala etc.

‘The crossing’ and imposition of western belief system did Serious damage to uniformity that would have simplified all these confusion in the practice here in Africa and in diaspora.

My dear friend,I’m spiritually active and I know my spiritual paths are working for me and those that work with me so it’s can never be a waste of time to be on this path.
It’s not evil worshiping as many will want you to believe.

There is never been any case that we do without seeking the Ase of OLODUMARE because of our strong belief in HIS power of creation of all……

Those books are written by human being,it does not mean that they are 100% correct because I do not agree with any explanation that say the word Ifa is arrived at by passing by.. I speak the language.

There is nothing anyone can say to proof to me that my ancestors are from Egypt or passing by a certain country and that is why certain words are sounding the way they are today… It’s no for me.

Yoruba language has so many ways of saying one same statement,so I won’t accept that they pick all that when passing by a certain tribe.

For those who wish to live in Orisha practice way,it’s not about worshiping many gods and goddess..it’s about awareness and recognizing those energies of Almighty God that determines our well-being and mishaps and how best you can you get your ways around to get their good sides by doing this or that at certain period of time so that they will say yours in good way for OLODUMARE/GOD and favor you in return.

It’s simple, we all know that when you are loved by your boss, you don’t have much problems like those that are in boss bad book. Exactly how it works in the practice.

There is destiny,everyone that will live to do well will taste sweet and bitter… So if one is destined to have $10 in life, if that person is very sharp spiritually,he will have
That amount and his/her being spiritually active could make the blessings of $150 to come in his/her $10.
This same way for someone that is destined to have accident at a certain time of his/her life,being spiritually informed will help the person not to totally avert the accident but reduce an accident that is destined to maim him/her to something that will give him/her a bruise/slight injury.

Human life is like corn farm,if you plant your corn and leave it not weeded,you know exactly what will happen, and if you take good care of your corn farm properly according to your given best, you know what you will get too but it won’t be more than the size of your portion of farm land.A proverb says,’aragbe laye’ =we pay to to live well.In short, being successful is not a free gift, you will work for it physically and spiritually..




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  1. Okediji
    Jan 16, 2012 @ 21:45:25

    Alaafia ni. Hope all is well. I love your sculptures and wanted to inquire how I can make a purchase of a 3 foot stool/pestal for my Obatala shrine. If possible can I have an email address to discuss pricing and artistic detail.

    Ire O,



  2. dupree.
    Jan 17, 2012 @ 09:05:24

    Thank you for sharing good knowledge of ifa my brother


  3. Olubunmi
    Jan 19, 2012 @ 15:32:29

    This is an excellent essay, and I agree that there is much confusion over the One God issue. It isn’t that complicated… there is ONE God Almighty…. A Native American Chief said ‘All paths lead to the divine, some paths are easier, than others…. but they all lead to the divine’.

    I believe that it’s time that we treat each other as brothers and sisters… as we are loved by the One Almighty.. be whatever name you worship this entity as.

    Adupe Ogbo Ato


    • adekunleakangbeogun
      Jan 19, 2012 @ 22:43:41

      It’s a pleasure to read this wonderful comment of you.Modupe
      Olodumare will continue to make us stronger in all that will make our living better so that the aye(earth) will be a
      much better place to live.


  4. Omialadora Ajamu
    Jan 19, 2012 @ 20:53:02

    Alafia ni,I am interested in ‘Ile Ori container can you tell me of your prices,etc. for that item ;and do you have information and more pictures of different carvings for purchase for my shrines..
    Adupe, Iyalosa Omialadora Ajamu


    • adekunleakangbeogun
      Jan 19, 2012 @ 22:52:37

      Modupe pupo(I thank you so much) for taking to see the blog.
      Irunmonle yo tubo ma segbe=Irunmonle will continue to make you prosper.ase
      My email is :kunlexy_olishe@yahoo.com
      and I’ve also added you on my facebook for easier communication and there more pictures of works on my Facebook page.
      I will look forward to hearing from you soon.
      Love and blessings.


  5. Otunba Kehinde Idowu-Fagbohun
    Oct 25, 2012 @ 12:34:27

    In the olden days, when there were no foreign religions, all Yoruba people belong to Ifa / Orisa religion (otherwise known as ‘Esin Ibile / traditional religion'(Ogun, Osun, Obaluaye, Yemoja, Oya, Orunmila etc) Ifa is not a person but the divined message of Olodumare (the Creator) sent to the people through Orunmila. In the past you may not be babalawo but you are practicing the religion. These people were know as ‘awo asose’ i.e. the believers. Just like in other religion like Islam and Christianity that we have the clergy men and the worshipers / followers. What I am saying here is that we are all religion practitioners (Ifa religion) and through this we have the believe in the existence of Olodumare. The problem we are having are some people who are trying to separate religion from culture and which is not possible. All religion have its culture. They dont want the religion but prefer the culture. IN THE PAST ALL YORUBA PRACTICED IFA RELIGION BUT WITH DIFFERENT NAMES AND CATEGORIES OF WORSHIP. Without the knowledge of Ifa and these Orisa, you may not think right or believe in the existence of Olodumare. It is only religion that teaches this.


  6. adekunleakangbeogun
    Nov 07, 2012 @ 18:58:23

    Oloye,modupe pupo oo.
    I so much appreciate your insight on the post..


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