E Ku Owuro(E kaaro)=Good Morning

E ku owuro(e kaaro)=Good morning, e ku oju t’mon wa saye loni o=I greet you to this new morning that see us among the living today.
Ori mi ma je ki n se Owo aseeje,My Ori don’t let my labour be a loss one.Ase.Ori se mi re,Orisha ma je ki nsowo asedanu:Adifa fun okanlenirinwo Irunmonles nigbati won ti ikole Orun bo si ikole aye..My ori make me well and my path be blessed,Orisha bless my efforts,don’t let my effort be a lost labour.As it made Ifa for 401 Irunmonles when they were coming from Orun to aye.Ori lo da Orunmila si oke igeti,Orisha ma je ki nsowo asenu,Ori mi tu bo da ire otun mon mi=it’s Ori that make Orunmila to be at oke igeti,My Ori bless me with renewed and fresh blessings.Ase.Ori lo da Sango si ‘koso,Orisa maje ki nsowo aseti=it’s ori that create Sango in koso,Orisha don’t let my effort be futile.ase.Ori lo da Oya si ilera,Orisha ma je ki nsowo asenu,orisa ma je ki rahun afefe ayo=it’s ori that make Oya to be in ira town,Orisha don’t let me lack peaceful air around me.Ori loda Osun si ode igede,Orisha ma je ki nsowo asenu,ma je rahun enia atata ati idekun .ase.it’s Ori that make Osun in igede ,Orisha don’t let my efforts be fruitless,bless me with people of good character and genuine love with peace of mind.ase

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  1. Okediji
    Jan 21, 2012 @ 00:12:03



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