Olodumare,The Doer of all

Not every spiritual works must be targeted to Riches or Prosperity….to some people when they are initiated,do ebo or use any Ifa works,it should be instant shift that they can see,well,it does work like that some times but not always you can see it like that because some times what we are asking for is not what is next for us and by the time works are on in getting us what is next,we won’t know because we are not focusing there….
it’s certainly not all about riches and prosperity;What about protection from all kind of danger like sickness,police trouble that could lead to jail,accident that could make one life horrible for rest of the years,kind of sickness that has no way out or problems for those that one cannot afford to have in problems..etc
Let’s try to continue to follow our different chosen paths with good heart and our will a;ways be fought for us without even knowing.
Ire oo


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