Ogun ni Aye=Life is War

You don’t need to offend the enemies before coming after you.
If you are doing well in life,be assured that you have at least one person that is not happy;he/she doesn’t want to see you doing well.

The wicked ones always have dirt reasons and plans for the good-hearted ones because of envy and hatred…

The good-hearted ones that wish to succeed and be able to remain successful will make sure that he/she remain unharmed each time they throw their missiles..
You don’t just sit down and fight war that you wish to win,it requires planning,strategizing,strength and relentless efforts to prevent enemies invasion..Prayers and doing what is right for the right ones not because of your relationship with them help a lot  but those are not enough when one is not being careful of where you go,what you say,where and what you put in your mouth.
This is why the elders say,’ogun ni aye’=life is a war


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