Man as Palm Tree

I always tell those that care to listen.OLODUMARE bless women right from the making.Any woman that is aware of how much Ase that is embedded in her as a woman and use them wisely will have little or no issue to succeed.
Women are made with sweetness and also given power to draw more all the time.
The Magnetic Ase inside always help women to receive even when she is not asking.Problem always lies in determining/attracting/receiving the right energies at the right time.

A man that is either good looking or have something different that make him receive more invitations from opposite sex should be careful.
Spiritually,Man is like a Palm Tree;in palm tree,everything is useful and precious.Nothing is a waste.
That is why it’s said ‘Gbogbo ara ope kiki owo’ =everything about palm tree is blessings.I can tell you plenty about how much blessings palm tree is but this thread is already long.
LIke I was saying,because this and that pretty women are eyeing you and you begin to climb on everything with breast(everything under skirt is not working anymore as more women wears pants than men this day.; ).
Remember that you are a blessed palm tree,the more you climb different ones,the more you allow yourself to be tapped.
It’s same as palm tree and palm wine tapper. You are tapped too often,you dies right on stand spiritually like a palm tree that is tap to death(Adapa).Look around,there are several working corpses,no matter how much he’s giving,he will messed it up because he’s being tapped completely out…
Do not get me wrong,climbing is a necessity but try to do it with the right one or ones,doing it right means you are reserving/keeping/expanding your Ase to the loved and trusted one(ones) in your life.Those ones that will always be with you or come back for you,meaning the Ase given to them will always be with you.



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