It is a new week beginning, Olodumare will bring us and our loved ones the blessings in the new week. Ase
We and our loved ones shall be excluded from the list of victims of accidents, sickness and any mishap of the week. Ase

Quick words for the parents and soon-to-be parents.
Yoruba says ‘ile ni a n ti ko eso lo si ode’ some people will interpret this proverb to mean ‘charity begins at home ‘ . As for me, I will interpret it word by word .
‘We bring gorgeousness from house to outside for people to see’
That is, one’s being successful/ great does not just happen like miracle, it all revolved around upbringing and parent/society.
Yoruba also say, Omo ti a ko ko ni yo gbe ile ti a ko ta’ ‘The children that we failed to build will sell the house that we build ‘

Every good parent do their best to provide the best for their kids so that they won’t lack anything or go through what they went through growing up.. It is good; but look around now in the society,everything has changed and still changing…the world is not changing but the people in it. The moral bar keep nose diving on hourly basis. Respect for elders is limited,kids tell lies with ease,fashion of our youth is sometime (if not all the time)questionable because it will be hard to know the different from the sane and insane ones… Life of other fellow beings has little or no value to most of them.. The society is not helping, the family values is not like what it used to be… Can’t it be wrong to say the parent of nowadays are not meeting up to the parenting standard of the parent of the yesteryear?
Family makes society , society makes the nation. In my opinion, in the quest to giving their children all that they (parent) could not get, they forget to give them what they got from their own parents that helped them (positively ) to where they are now… Parents , there is work to do.

Osun o wo Omo gbogbo wa lawoye o. Ase =osun will nurture our children greatly to grow well. Ase


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    Jul 28, 2013 @ 19:02:46



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