Everyday I see those brainwashed Africans here saying Adam and Eve are their grand parent , I shake my head in disbelief because they are not making sense at all.
Two blacks couple can make white , two whites can’t. So how come I’m black and you are telling me that crap… Give me a break..
According to the description of Eve and Adam by the two prominent imported religions that are continuously being used to sweep us Africans and our minds away from all that make us Africans;Adam and Eve are said to be white..
It all started from Africa, take it or leave it. A new discovery of a cave in South Africa recently show that the Africans have been here longer than those previous records on prehistoric facts.
I’m not saying that westernization did not bring any good at all, it surely brought some positive changes too but we would have been better off to still have our minds not polluted or confused about ourselves.
Africans both home here Africa continent and African decent in diaspora ..
We have to do more in appreciating our blackness and all that makes up being African .
Our women don’t like to plait hair, it is artificial white-like hairstyle that is now the yardstick to determine who has the best hairdo .. Madness …
An African woman with weaving hairdo look more beautiful and attractive than having those hair.. I called them horse tail hair on women… Women with rasta dreadlocks, weaving even low cut hairstyle look more of a woman than those that are deceiving themselves with plastic hairs on their rich natural hair.
I know it is more unlikely to change these among us African because the new generation now see it as only way they can do hair to look attractive .
My apologies to my African Mothers but it is what it is….
You know I’m your son and I love you all my mothers…
Chauvinist? I don’t know about that ooo.. But I know women are the most powerful and influential on aye oo..
***Adekunle Ogun


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