‘Ojo si n ro ko ti da,eni ko to ti ana’

It has been a year of growth and expansion physically and spiritually.
New Friends are made and some bad friends were cut loose.
Eventful journey and delightful adventures.
Life changing success/results for those that are connected with my spirituality path.ase
Orders coming in from different parts of the world,everyone has been greatly delighted for a good job well done on their orders ranging from woodcarvings,locally made textile,drums,ifa/orisha spritual items,books on yoruba culture and tradition,etc.

“Ojo si n ro ko ti da, eni ko ti to ti ana’

Rain is still pouring down heavily,you are saying it has not been as heavy rainfall as the previous day rainfall’
The journey is still on and the directions are great.        The Interview                                                     The Interview by Aranbara TV Crew

Just few days ago,I was interviewed alongside my father,Kasali Akangbe Ogun, by Aranbara tv crew.
The program dedicated for those that are doing things that are promoting the culture and tradition of Yoruba.
The show that is going to be beamed on all Yoruba speaking tv station and AfricaMagic Yoruba on DSTV multichoice cable station.
I will share the link when it get aired.
It was wonderful feeling because it means the efforts of my family towards the growth of Yoruba culture and tradition are being noticed and appreciated.
I thank you all my wonderful friends out there for your support and appreciation.
Olodumare yo Ba wa gbe aye wa si Oke . Ase o

Ire o


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  1. The Divine Prince Ty Emmecca #HoodooTyE #ElegunTyE
    Nov 29, 2013 @ 04:30:45

    O se; Ase!


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