My brief Sojourn to United States

IMG_1103Aboru aboye gbogbo Awo
I pray this new season bring pleasure and success to all the good-hearted ones out there. Ase

This post will focus on my brief journey to United States as numbers of good friends out there in the states have been asking me.

Reflecting on my trip to the states…
Actually, I did not feel like I’m in a new place… I felt like I have always known and seen those people that I came cross.. It seems like I have been in those places that I was before .. It was more of confirmation of what had already been spiritually manifested before my physical exploration…
I met wonderful people with good attitude to nature and diversities.

My first point was state of Florida,it felt good being around people with unique attributes that touches me differently.;)
I was able to showcase the art of my family,the culture of Yoruba and the language.
Visited Galleries, Museums and participated in community development program..I had class where I showed briefly how we carved woods,taught Yoruba language, I felt I was able to share the general ideas of what it’s like over here in Africa.


My next state was Texas,everything is truthfully big in Texas.;) as they say. I was able to see Dallas and the large space from one place to the other. Dallas was great,I was hosted by wonderful people.I felt at home their as well. Dallas actually threw me back to other side of me,my spirituality.There I did class too at Pan African Connection, gave Ifa readings as well. It was nice to see many people that we have been hearing each other voices for years.
It was amazing how my host were able to send words out quickly about my arrival as many people come everyday to come see Ifa and Orishas in me.
I can say Dallas prepared me for what to expect in New York.Thank You Texas. 😉


From there I moved to North Carolina.. It was beautiful out there.My host there is family.
My 2 days staying there give me a break to the fast moving pace that things have become… I was able to get some air and get some sleep.
It felt as home. Did couple of readings and my sweet family there drove me around to see places..
It was great.Modupe o 😉

DSC00752 DSC00529

Last but not the least is New York.
I was excited to experience the cold weather that everyone has been talking about there, to experience the hustling and bustling of Brooklyn that is similar to Lagos in Nigeria.
My host there is an elderly family that I have known for years.
I gave lectures, readings, ebos,counseling etc…


The family really blew my mind off in a good way with the hospitality, getting the information about my arrival across the Orisha practitioners,the wonderful reception that I was given… Great people were there, was able to meet the oldest black priest there,a senator of United States was also in attendance…
It was more than just great… It was awesome… Aaaahhhaaarr!!!!!


There is a lot that can be said but I will stop here and I believe this has given clear Pictures on what my sojourn there looked like …

The good news is that I will soon be back,hopefully spend more time … I’m open to any group or person that has plan or program that fit me to inbox me and we can take it from there. …



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