Lebelebesolebelebe lebelebesolebelebe
Adifa fun ile
Ile nsukun pe o ko bi mon
Ebo ni won ni o wa se
Ogbebo orubo, ogberu otu
Nigbati yo bi, o bi irinwo
Nigbati yo bi, o bi igba
Irinwo irunmonle e ba wa se
Igba irunmonle e Ba wa se ire

Lebelebesolebelebe lebelebesolebelebe
Do Ifa reading for earth
When earth is crying of having no children
Ebo was asked to be done
Earth heard of the ebo and did the ebo
When time come to give birth
Earth gave birth 400
Next time,earth give birth to 200
The 400 irunmonles support us
The 200 irunmonle support us to be blessed

Olodumare will help us with peace to enjoy all the blessings that our ori will bring us this new calendar year. Ase ..
Ifa will give us right wisdom and guidance to make decisions that will make this year excellent year for us in our different life task. Ase

Ogun lakaye will make us exceptionally protected days and nights from all the accidents whether on the road,in the house or in our sleep.ase
Ogun will make paths of new blessings for us in this new year . Ase
Esu will bless us with shinning lights and looks to attract the best opportunity in this year… Ase
Obatala will lead us to that top echelon that will belong. Ase

Shango will strike down all our enemies .. Ase
Oya will blow the evil air away from us and loved ones .. Ase

Osun, the mother of life will sweeten all the bitterness of last year.. Ase
The barren will be a mother this year , the single will be married … The new year will be fertile for us all . Ase

Our prayers shall be answered . Ase

It’s another new calendar year beginning,don’t just mark its beginning by just lighting up fire cracker and shouting happy new year .Make a new foundation to build more from where you left last year for stronger and better year .
Wise people are already starting it with right foundation for glorious year by getting their Ifa readings and ebos done with works specified according to each person…
Success is all about efforts, it won’t just come to your laps…
Elaboru elaboye elabosise ….


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. The Divine Prince Ty Emmecca
    Jan 04, 2015 @ 22:25:36

    Aboru Aboye Abosisse Asé! (Yoruba)
    Bolu Boya Bokitsè Elatsè! (Ewe)


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