Adekunle Ogun


Adekunle Akangbe is heir to a rich cultural heritage of Indigenous artisans and skilled journey –men from the Yoruba tribe of Nigeria, West Africa. Born into a traditional family of Yoruba spiritualist, Adekunle was able to preserve his families’ spiritual lineage of Ogun the Orisa of Hunting, Craftsmanship, Tool Making and Construction and a working Ifa priest,Ifa the Orisha that advises and care for one more than a loved one can.

Learning from his father Master Wood Carver Kasali Akangbe he was able to learn the art of Woodcarving which later was the foundation of his contemporary style of traditional art works that have been sold worldwide. Adekunle has had the rare opportunity as a distinguished young artisan to assist in the architectural design and cultural landscaping of one of the world’s most prestigious World Heritage sites the Osun Osogbo Grove.
His family’s artistic trademark features are unique to the expression and spiritual worldviews of his tribal clan and represent the variable totems of the Yoruba spiritual pantheon which is a very intricate part of the families experience and their cultural ties to the Diaspora.

Adekunle has had the opportunity to showcase his family artworks and teach his traditional style of craftsmanship through out various countries and is a highly anticipated lecturer to journey-men and construction developers who wish to study the art of African Urban Planning, Traditional Architecture, Community Development and Cultural Landscaping.

As a grassroots organizer, Adekunle Akangbe has been advocating around the world for the Human Rights Protection of Traditional Education and Sustainable Tourism within the Yoruba culture and community. His training in Human Rights advocacy has allowed him to represent his country and tribe at multiple lectures and symposiums in association with International organizations seeking to preserve the essence of the Traditional training and Education in which Adekunle and his family both receive and give to local Nigerian traditional youth as well as International students who wish to reconnect with the Ancestral Heritage.
Lectures and International Experience
• Indigenous Woodcarving & Cultural Landscaping
The Urban Construction & Craft Academy- Miami, Florida
• Traditional Architecture and Urban Planning
House of Kuumba Community Development Center- Dania Beach, Florida
• Yoruba Culture & Spirituality
The Pan African Connection Bookstore & Art Gallery- Dallas, Texas
• Yoruba Immersion & Language
The Lab Miami- Miami, Florida
• Traditional Orisa & Yoruba Spiritual Systems
The House of Nine Winds- Brooklyn, New York
Currently on tour of 5 states,NY,North Carolina,Florida,Texas,St. Thomas,Alabama doing lectures,workshop.
Adekunle Akangbe Ogun
Email addresses:
Phone : +1 954 978 8979
:+234 809 794 6887


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