The Journey Man

So far it’s been a tour with task to create more awareness and propagate the art,culture and spirituality of of Yorubas.

The winter welcomed me to NY, my two weeks there was pretty cold and pleasant at the same time because I was in good hands of Oyatolu Francis and Family..

Shout out to Adesola, Doc,Jack,Omi,Odun and wife,Ifawale and others.. Love you all and see you again in April.

I was a special guest at Jones Valley Middle School, Birmingham,Alabama in event that was centered on Black History festival.

I was also at Gunn Chrostian Academy to strategize and make plan on how to begin teaching of African arts and culture which can’t be really separated from the spirituality of Africa.

Was at radio station there and the tv interview were suspended because of the bad weather during the time.

My gratitude to Minister Brenda Paige ward of Refuge in trouble time for the support,hosting and making all the Alabama state connects..Gracias

My next stop was charlotte, NC,it was another homecoming feeling.. It’s my pleasure that we had a wonderful lunch of Catalyst for Change International program out there… Many thanks to Adeola Fearon , Michele Parchment, Sayeed Olugbala and family…and others.

I journeyed down south after the night of lunching, on my way I stopped in Orlando to meet with my soon-to-be host there, Maat and Kolongi, it’s nice to meet you.. See you soon..

Still here in Miami now as I get ready for other stops on this tour …

On the schedule are : Orlando,Dallas ,Houston, St.Tomas and then back to NY where I will return back to Nigeria.

My sincere gratitude to my spiritual family and friends here in Florida,they have been taking good care of me….Carla mofura ,Don Ifakayode,Mauzuluwa Stepben,Jemilah, Gayelle Felix, Yeyefini and others

It’s been nice being in a warm weather with good people…

Wishing everyone a wonderful week fills with abundant wealth and protection. Ase


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