Soul Whispering

Catch me live on radio program talking about “soul whispering”read the information below for additional facts on the show. 

Charlotte View welcomes Ilari Oba Adeola Fearon with her show “Soul Whisperings”. Adeola’s show is a purposeful, inspirational, and insightful journey for listeners to gain self-awareness and compassion.

On this episode Adeola Fearon welcomes Ardey Tuner (United Religions Initiative) and Adekunle Akangbe Ogun (Chief Ifa Priest ~Babalawo~ from Osun State, Osogobo, Nigeria)
Adeola’s journey as poetic storyteller, Intuitive Coach, Ancestral Visionary and Reiki Master bridges understanding and elevates the human spirit. Adeola is the author of the poetic book, Soul Whisperings…Messages to Activate Compassion. Adeola’s believes when one begins listening and reading everyday signs it can unlock messages and unblock roads to assist individuals to heal and succeed. Her intuitive coaching has ushered many to reclaim their connection with their ancestors, family and life’s destiny.
Join her as she shares inspirational messages, speaks with special guests and invites you to develop insights into your own soul’s whisperings. Inspirational and motivational. She addresses topics on spiritual growth, explores wisdom teachings, builds interfaith understanding to engage you into discovering what was always in front of your eyes. Come share and grow in conversations about your experiences, faith and beliefs or ask for a personal consultation.
This program is presented to reawaken consciousness to the wonder in everyday experiences. Celebrating life. Living in gratitude. Honoring Faith. Giving breath to beliefs and releasing the soul to beauty and wonder gives us a vehicle for embracing a life filled with compassion for ourselves and others.
We are here to experience the inner-experience (or inspirations) to propel our lives. Reveal and take note of the role of the serendipitous and unexplained.
This is an invitation to be present, live fully and become greatly-filled by the everyday.– “In truth all life whispers…” (book excerpt)
Adeola Fearon


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