Ifa/Orishas Healing Power

Ifa and Orishas spiritual healing power does not work in quick fix style as many expected,the healing ase of this practice work better than quick fix… It builds you up spiritually, you grow in it. 
It works with natural law, what you give is what you get or more if you dedicate more energies to this path. 

You can’t reap where you have not sow. It’s give and take. 

You give by way of your faith, your offerings,your attention , dedication,honesty, your ebos and participation with your contribution. You will receive by way of protection , prosperity ,stability , good health, peace , longevity and love . 
However, you can not say because you have done all these and you should have magical turn around just like that . It could happen but it could also take time as energies also build up from your actions towards those part of your life that needed to be shifted positively for your better growth . 

It’s never like medical injection because it’s more than it . 

This is why I agree 100% with the fact that Ifa / Orishas can not be approach with western mindset . 

You have to be able to see and feel all that comes to you as part pieces that needed to be put together to get there … 

Positive mindset to everything that comes your way is the key.


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