Ifa Orisha Ile Yoruba

Ifa Orisha ….”Ifa iwo l’oba 

Orunmila je n mun ori mi la opo aye ja ”

“Ifa you are the king 

Orunmila let me be able to go through paths of life with my Ori successfully “ase 
Aboru Aboye to all the initiated ones out there 

Alafia to all the spiritually In-tuned ones out there 

Greetings to those that are willing to give it a chance to see what Ifa / Orisha spirituality is about … 
No one knows it all,everybody is a student and everyone is a teacher in this paths of belief system as Ifa clearly stated that everyone is given one ase or there other. 
The Orishas are features of human existence. Everything we do or think of is inspired first by unseen energies/forces inside or around before it can be conceived by human being … 

They are the nature , the part that help human to create , to understand our essence, purpose, power , limit and weakness,etc
Aparo Oyeye ko fe ki oko o da gba 

O fe Abe yoyo ma gbe 

Difa fun oniresanbe

Omo Erin werewere etiko

L’ojo Ti Omo araye kaa mon pitipiti

Ebo ni won ni o wa se 

O n se onire ma mon wadi

Onire ma mon wa yara

Ope agunka ti o gbekele o ju odi lo …
This is a verse from my odu that tell me my own struggle and reasons and what to do 

I’m following it and it’s giving me more assurance everyday in the ase (power) embedded in the paths of Orishas belief system of our Yoruba ancestors in Nigeria west Africa …. 

Ifa akomo loro bi iye kan eni 

Ifa the one that teaches one like one most loved family

Ifa akere finu sogbon

Ifa that is small but filled inside with tremendous wisdom 
One very important key feature of a born babalawo is wisdom becaUse it’s. Feature of Ifa . 
Bi Ifa Ba n Ba ni ja won a se bi ere ni n Ba won se 

When Ifa is fighting them they will think Ifa is playing 

As much Ifa is patience and dependable so Ifa can also be really harsh the erring ones …
Even though you open your Ifa pot and all you see is black palm-nuts,don’t be fooled , that’s fire , that’s power, that’s all you want ifa to be for you depending on what you do and how you are doing. Them towards your Ifa …

Don’t mess with your Ifa , don’t take your western interpretation to your Orishas, they are beyond your materialistic calculating mindset. 

To be continued ….. 
It’s on this note that I’m telling families,friends,clients and all other well-wishers out there in United States that we will see again soon … 

My number over there is : 954 798 8979

Email: ogunhimself@gmail.com
Ewe jenjoko loni ki ire gbogbo o ri aye JOko si Ile gbogbo wa o.ase o 

It’s jenjoko(let-me-sit) leaf that will let all blessings to be able to sit with everyone . Ase 



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