“Era ni Ifa “

Era ni Ifa=Ifa is like little ant(Sometime it looks like it takes forever but it will surely get it there )

Oro ti n Ba n dun Babalawo ni n dun ifa re =

A matter that is upsetting/paining /disturbing a Babalawo is also upsetting/disturbing /paining his Ifa 

(Take good care of your Babalawo, when he’s happy with you, it’s not just him being happy with you)
Ifa tutu be si ni ko rinrin

Ifa is cool but it’s not chill

Meaning Ifa is an Orisha that’s not really aggressive or destructive but Ifa is not weak especially when it comes to injustice …
Some fools think they can do anything all in the name of Ifa,go against the will/oaths of Ifa and go Scot-free because they are still feeling good and living large even few years into their wayward ways with Ifa… 

My advice for you is to repent and correct your wrongs before it’s too late…. 

I don’t even pray the wrath of Ifa for my enemies … 

It’s hell when Ifa change favor to inferno that burn all and many generations after … 

May we not see the wrath of Ifa but blessings of Ifa in this new year .. Ase 
Adekunle Ogun 2016
***New Year Ifa divination has begun,make arrangement for yours by sending email to ogunhimself@gmail.com***


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