The Annual Ogun festival of Akangbe Ogun family comes up on 30th of April,2016

Odun de, Odun ko, Odun Jo Yoruba ni Amodun ko jina ki a ma mun ebu sun je 
That time of the year has come,is here,all is set. 

Yoruba says another year is not far away so don’t eat yam with yam seed. 
It’s that special time again when I and my extended families here and across the water celebrate the annual Ogun festival of Akangbe Ogun family of Osogbo, Osun,state ,Nigeria . 
Those that celebrated with us previous years know and see for themselves the manifestations of the immense ase and blessings of Orishas.This year events promise to even be bigger. 
Just like we do every year, the festival activities begin by feeding ori, feeding of egungun of baba and Iya , esu,oro, osala, Osun ,Egbe Ifa and ofun celebration to wrap the celebration then come Ifa divination for the message of the year … 

Theses is a community event that is always participated by huge numbers of devotees and Orishas benefactors … 
I seize this opportunity to invite everyone that would love to be part of the celebration to come in person and spirits to do it together because we can’t do alone … 
The main ikojo (celebration )will be on 30th of April ,2016. 
Isese a gbe wa ooo 



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