Faith and Destiny 

Faith and destiny . Same and different 

To actually be the faithful one, it means doing what you are meant to do in life . Also, destiny can be said to mean the blueprint of life that a person is expected or supposed to live …

I know many will dispute my definition of faith here Just as I would too if I don’t know better.

 … Faith: strong believe in …

Our belief and devotion if placed and channeled in the right way, there is no reason to not be able fulfill one’s essence on earth .. What we have to day is more of misplacement of faith that lead to dogmatism pattering of foolishness that is happening everyday in the world … 

Most are committing all these bombing , killings etc all because THEY HAVE LOST THEIR ESSENCE AS A SPECIAL BEING WITH UNIQUE PURPOSE ON THIS PLANET … 

Seek for knowledge , rediscover yourself and your purpose in life, it will help make things easy for you and help world be a better place for us all.

Elaboru elaboye elabosise 

Adekunle Akangbe Ogun


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