Up coming events 

E kaaro o= Good morning Wishing every great minds out there a wonderful weekend ..ase
Wednesday 27th , the celebration kicks off fully with my annual Ifa festival. At that night Egbe initiation begins , our respectable priestesses of Egbe will be on ground all through the week blessing us all with their rarest Egbe songs and rituals for the initiate. these goes till Friday when Ogun spiritual annual ritual for the families and close family friends will be observed .. Saturday will be the public ceremony for the Ogun and Ifa,ikojo(gathering of traditionalists in celebration )

It’s promising to be electrifying. 

This year we have a very popular company brewing seamans schnapps sponsoring part of the festivity …. 

Come celebrate and enjoy yourself to the fullest ..

Ogun a gbe wa ooo

Ifa yo fi ere s’ile fun gbogbo wa o. Ase  



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