New Year Odu of Ifa

Obara Irete The odu of Ifa for the year that came for the awo at Oke itase … 

It came in ire of all blessings .

A lot is said in this odu of Ifa .
I will brush on one of the key message in the Odu. 

Léégún ni won n pe oká

Lèègùn ni won n pe erè

Asukundu n la he Alabahun

Obaradigogo n la he Igbin 

Difa fun Orunmila baba yo fi oju Omo re sile laiwo

Baba n lo re wo oju dingi

Ebo ni won ni baba o mun se

Ogbebo o rubo, ogberu o tu

Àwò dingi kan ko se gberegede ki a fi riran Amodun 

Ifa Omo eni ni dingi eni
This odu explain how it’s a very wrong conception to think your money in the bank, your degrees , cars , houses or anything else that people are using these days to measure success are. That it’s about how many people you have planted and that are growing well starting from your children. 
If advise that we take good care of our children/wards . 

That we do the right thing and not focusing on material things. That we make sure that they are prepared to even better than us when we can not run around like we can now … 

Teach them the ways of their ancestors , show them how to keep family together , prepare their minds on sacrifices that it takes to keep family together and live happily . 

Don’t destroy their future by making life too easy for them so they won’t be handicapped when they become of their own. 

Do your ebos and yield to the advice in the odu … 

Elaboru elaboye elabosise
Adekunle Ogun 


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