Awosoji The Ifa/Orisha Priest on Tour doing Lectures and Spiritual Healings

The names are Awosoji Adekunle Akangbe Ogun and I have been immeasurably blessed to be ensconced in the ancient sacred spiritual practice of Ifa/Orisha reverence. As a native of Nigeria, West Africa and coming from a long line of Ogun priests, I’ve personally worked as a Babalawo and Orisha priest for more than fifteen years. Because of the providence that chose me, I have been used as a vessel of the ancestors to assist countless people through Ifa divination, ritual and spirit-inspired, self-crafted medicines. 
Every year I travel internationally to see my students and spiritual families, and to lecture on Ifa/Orisha practices in Yorubaland. I’ve lectured and have students in numerous countries throughout Africa as well as other countries including Germany, Austria, Pakistan, Panama, and Ukraine. In the US I have done many lectures and have students in several  states including Texas, New York, Alabama, Georgia, California, Illinois, North Carolina and Florida to name a few. I am currently on my annual American tour sharing the knowledge and healing power of our Ancestors and will be here for a couple of month. 

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Tel: 954 798 8979


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May Olodumare bless us all and put success to our endeavors, Ase

Babalawo Awosoji  Adekunle Akangbe Ogun


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