Ku Ise n ni mun ori ise yaa


I’m sure everyone has special points/reasons of motivation in their chosen carriers or services to humanity. 

For me, hearing or receiving thank you messages from especially people that have their first experience of Ifa Idafa and Ebos works done with me . They help me to strengthen my motivation. .it’s been one thank you messages after the other.  Thank you all as well . 

I’m going share a couple of it with their names erased. 
“Alafia Baba,
It is me ********. Oh! 

I have been helped by your good works and blessed by your loving Orixas. ×yxyxyxyx came when you performed the Ebo. I felt the most brilliant being with us. I did not recognize it was him. I believe he was pleased. I received a very precious gift from my xyxyxyxy, fit for a queen. The way has been complicated and dangerous for us. Praise be the darkness is unraveling. 
I am grateful to you dear one.
“Greetings brother, how are you?  Thank you again for your work.  Health and Well-being is improving.”


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Omisade Bandelle
    Sep 21, 2016 @ 02:53:53

    Alafia ni baba .. do you know me ?

    omisade bandelle Olokun mo juba Olokun Bambi



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