Ifa mi ti wi ire 

​Era ni Ifa,  eni o ba le te le Era ni o le te le Ifa 

Ifa is like an aunt, he who can follow aunt is the one that can follow Ifa  
Patience is the key word here ..

it’s not easy especially when it comes in a very insulting manner and you know you have enough in your arsenal to set it straight spiritually in your way .

I know it’s  Ifa battle to fight,it’s Ase of Ifa that’s challeges and I know Ifa will handle  it better than me in time. I’m cool with Ifa wishes.

Ti Ifa ni Ase 

Ifa is the one with Ase 

Anyone that says Ifa is minor hasn’t woken up to reality… when the wrath of Ifa come , no one can stop it… 

Bi aye ba ye won tan Iwa ibaje ni won ma n wu 

When they become blessed,they will begin to behave badly .  

My deu respect to my oluwo,Oyegbade Latona,I appreciate your wisdom and guidance.

Ire o .

Blessings to all my loved ones here and over there .


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