Eepa Osha 

​Eepa Ifa ooo

Ifa eepa 

Eepa osa 

Orisha eepa 

For any priests or priestess that want to get well everyday for him/herself so he/she can be able to even help people that come for help better than before , you have to keep doing research and learning.

As you know I’m back home in Nigeria,  I have diverted my attention as usual to getting better in the part that my ori has chosen for me. 

In  my quest to upgrade spiritually, I was with my babalosha(my Obatala godfather) . Baba was able to  share more new understanding from working with Obatala and results. 

Contrary to many people belive, when blood  is given to Obatala, we don’t put it straight on Obatala stones or other shrine items other than  irin (the elephant bone that are sacred to Obatala) 

It’s on irin that blood will be put on in a separate plate , then you put palm oil as well, as ero.

Yes palm oil is Obatala taboo but when You spilled blood  palm oil has to come to calm the energy, you just have to clean the irin well before putting it back in Obatala pot and palm oil can’t touch the cowrie shells in the Obatala pot , yes you can put gin on Obatala but no palm wine  . 

according to Ifa…

Ifa say  

T’Awo ni epo 

T’ogberi l’eje 

Difa fun orunmila baba o s’ebo omo re tan l’orun 

Alade wa rubo omo tie tan l’orun 

T’Awo Lepo, T’ogberi l’eje 
The awo are the one with palm oil 

The novice are the one with blood 

Cast Ifa for orunmila when orunmila did ebo for his children in heaven 

The crown owner has done ebo for children 

The palm oil is for awo 

The blood is for the novice 
The mesasage here is clear , just like when you need postive and negative to make a power current. You can’t make current with just negative that is shocking without  postive current that will neautealize it to power up your electrical devices . 

When you spill blood , you definitely need palm oil to balance it irrespective of the situation.  

When you give blood and you don’t give palm on top of shrine , it’s good but not enough. 

Or you can just take a little touch of it to touch your pot if you know you can not Balance it out for some reasons.

Blood without palm oil is hardship . 
Back to the point , according to baba, giving offering of snails and Shea Butter and other Obatala food items that prepared in Obatala sacred way are bringing more postive  results than giving blood to Orisha obatala of white  robe ..

Eepa osha …

Obatala will safe us and won’t kill us . Ase 

Eepa orisha

Orisha eepa 


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Omisade Bandelle
    Oct 14, 2016 @ 02:46:36

    Alafia baba I’m omisade I’m son of Olokun . Ifa say for me it’s better in the house of Olokun . My question is do you offer this initiation? If so how much and how many days . My ODU ifa is Irosun Oyeku /Irosutakelaku

    omisade bandelle Olokun mo juba Olokun Bambi



    • adekunleakangbeogun
      Oct 14, 2016 @ 06:03:50

      Alafia oo omisade, may olokun bless you and ori guide you continously to your paths to spiritual and physical elevation. Ase
      Yes,olokun initiation will take at least 3 days before you can come out.
      Send me an email via
      I will shed more light on your questions from there because it’s not all dresses that can be dried outside in the open.


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