Too aro 

​Iya mi agba, Iya mi eleye 

Are ni e ba mi se , e ma ma ba mi ja 

Erin n lagbara n rin ko odo l’ona

Eyin ni oloju ide 

Ewe obiba n be lara mi , N be lara Ifa mi 

E ma ba Ifa mi mule aburu   

Epo obo loni ki n bo lowo gbogbo aburu aye gbogbo 

Ewe Igba loni ki e gba ire titemi mi wa fun mi 

Ire ni a n soro atare , ire ni ki titemi o Ma je 

Iyere osun loni ki ire mi o Ma suna 

Ito o ni  bale ki o tun pada si enu 

Eran oka ba fi enu so , enu oka n ni ku si 

Akoko so igi sha , enu awo ni iba,  enu Owo n ni Ase 

Eyi emi Awosoji wi loni 

Ose loni ki ose 

Osun loni o Ma suna 

To aro n ni mon aso 

Too abala esu . .. 
The great mothers, my mothers of the great essence 

Fight not with me , play with me instead 

It’s with laughter that erosion take to meet and blend with big River 

You are the one with golden eyes 

I have Ase of obiba leave in me and my ikin ifa 

Do not have have evil oath with my Ifa 

It’s Ase of obo tree bark in me that will always allows me to be free from all hands of evil and negative attacks 

It’s Ase of Igba leave that commands to me all the blessings that are mine to run  to me 

Alligator pepper is all said for postive shifts / blessings 

Iyere osun (ifa board powder ) says my blessings won’t sleep on the way to me 

Saliva that was spit on ground can never find way back to the same mouth space it came from 

the prey that rattle snake strike always die around its terrain 

Wood pecker bird hit on the tree and make hole , it confirms that the words from the mouth of awo is filled with tribute and Ase  (power that be ) 

All that I, Awosoji has spoken/typed today 

It’s the ase of soap that make soap to foam that will make it come through 

It is osun says that it’s won’t sleep on the way to coming true 

It’s Ase of dye that make it to change original  color of a fabrics to its colour 

Esu regards to you and make way for my words of blessings to go through 


All our challeges will be changed to blessings and shout of pain and agony in the house of our enemies ….EEEEEE see eeeeee


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