Ifa /orishas are doable 

​I know many are getting frustrated and tired doing ifa /orishas  because of how complicated they make it seems especially for the new minds who are trying to follow the paths of their ancestors.

I want to use this opportunity to say that it’s doable and it’s not really complicated as it seems..With all due respects, some ile really make it looks impossible for newcomers to feel they have  chance of attaining such countless routines .It’s spirituality  not religion ..

It’s for your growth and yours … It’s a practice  of mind that require you to study for your spiritual  growth and more physical awareness about yourself and other things .Work daily as far as  your ability allows  and you will still manifest a lot like a pro …Just be honest to yourself and your orishas that way you are honest to creator and you are fine,contrary to anyone decree over your abilities..

It works, our ancestors are genius.  


Adekunle Ogun


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