Ewo ifa 

​Happy New month, wishing everyone all blessings in this season .ase 
Okan gbogi l’ara ewo gbogbogbòò itefa ni : a ki i da ifa eni nun. 
One of the very important general taboo of ifa initiation is :

Never throw away your ifa either by abandonment or discarding your ikin. 
Many make decisions that are undermining their spiritual growth and life progress out of ignorance about what ifa and ifa initiation is , some do it out of frustration. 
Ifa know you more than yourself because ifa was there when your destiny was made.  So be patient if you feel your life concerns that made you get your itefa is still not fulfilled . Your ifa is making sure that you are blessed in a way that fit your destiny.
We are all in haste in this new age but nature is still what she was before Calendar was invented . It’s us that are changing more . 

If it’s wife/Husband you are asking and it seems it is not happening yet , be patience ifa is likely making sure your health , longevity , finance,position, accommodation or even your understanding  are in better shape so that when that targeted blessings come , you will be able to retain and grow it .

Ifa yo la wa ni 

Ifa ko ni pa wa .ase 

Ifa will bless us 

Ifa won’t break us .ase


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