When you give offering to specific orisha or iyami, it’s feeding or making offering . Ebo is the work of prayer sacrifice with numbers of sacrificial items done by babalawo according to what ifa instructed via the odu that speak to a person at a time


East Coast Tour Continues 

East coast tour  continues 

Berkeley, San Francisco,  Richmond,  El Cerrito, Oakland , a Santa Rossa , Guerneville, Sacramento and more 

all in California and still counting

East Coast 



Africa Today on KPFA 

Please tune in tonight to Africa Today 7pm (pst) at http://www.kpfa.org to hear the interview did on KPFA

East Coast 


Chicago to Califonia 


Short memories 

Human being are really people with short memories especially of pains, sometime good time when pain set in.Only few can remember their pains after some months of healing and good time , same way a lot forget quickly how good it used to be when hard time beckon. It’s 

natural,when we are lacking we do all to change it ,when we get that we focus on another which means growth but how often do we look back to reflect on those difficult/good  moments,challenges, blockages,etc… that’s why you have no reason to not be grateful, there is always more to be thankful for all the time .The living ones are those with the chances to reclaim lost glories and new blessings … I’m thankful to see this new day , new month and looking forward to new year .

Olodumare modupe …
Moving on on my tour 

In Illinois now 

Sunny day…😊


“You can try but if it’s not in you it won’t come out right ”

Adekunle Ogun

On the road to Chicago 

Ogun yeeee mo yeeee 

On this day of Orisha Ogun I pray Ogun will continue to have his protection over us on the road ,home ,job and any place at night and in the day .ase 
Preparing for my second trip to Chicago this year. We(Myself and TifaseIfatola of Tola creations ) are open to anyone that may have one thing or the other that is related to yourba arts,culture,Ifa/orishas healing, idafa,ebo,feeding of your orishas,studying  and other related works to do to feel free to contact us ,954 798 8979.

Will be opened for consultations from December 1st to December 13th. 

You can look me up on :


Ogun a gbe wa o


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