Ewo ifa 

​Happy New month, wishing everyone all blessings in this season .ase 
Okan gbogi l’ara ewo gbogbogbòò itefa ni : a ki i da ifa eni nun. 
One of the very important general taboo of ifa initiation is :

Never throw away your ifa either by abandonment or discarding your ikin. 
Many make decisions that are undermining their spiritual growth and life progress out of ignorance about what ifa and ifa initiation is , some do it out of frustration. 
Ifa know you more than yourself because ifa was there when your destiny was made.  So be patient if you feel your life concerns that made you get your itefa is still not fulfilled . Your ifa is making sure that you are blessed in a way that fit your destiny.
We are all in haste in this new age but nature is still what she was before Calendar was invented . It’s us that are changing more . 

If it’s wife/Husband you are asking and it seems it is not happening yet , be patience ifa is likely making sure your health , longevity , finance,position, accommodation or even your understanding  are in better shape so that when that targeted blessings come , you will be able to retain and grow it .

Ifa yo la wa ni 

Ifa ko ni pa wa .ase 

Ifa will bless us 

Ifa won’t break us .ase

Ibale Aya 

​No matter how loving,nice and kind you are,you still can’t do enough.Perfect one is already dead.May Oloduamre bless our directions.🙏🏿Ase.

Wishing you all the sweet loving kind hearts out there a very  blessed week.Ase 
Ifa says : 

Ise Meta ni ko to omo ori odo se 

Bi o ba fi oju gun iyan 

A si fi odi gun elu

A fi agbede Meji re ti ilekun danhindanhin 

Adifa fun ibale aya eleyi ti n lo re ra ishinmi ni eru . Ebo ni won ni o se … 

Ibale aya a wa  ti de ibi o tutu e je ki a shimin 
Oloduamre will take us to that spot in our life that is filled with coolness and balance .

Ifa will give us all Peace of mind .ase

More true friends 

​To trully be happy with yourself ,you also have to wish your enemies for positive change of hearts.

This world can use more friends, more love so human race can get stronger and better. Ase 
Adekunle Ogun 

Ifa /orishas are doable 

​I know many are getting frustrated and tired doing ifa /orishas  because of how complicated they make it seems especially for the new minds who are trying to follow the paths of their ancestors.

I want to use this opportunity to say that it’s doable and it’s not really complicated as it seems..With all due respects, some ile really make it looks impossible for newcomers to feel they have  chance of attaining such countless routines .It’s spirituality  not religion ..

It’s for your growth and yours … It’s a practice  of mind that require you to study for your spiritual  growth and more physical awareness about yourself and other things .Work daily as far as  your ability allows  and you will still manifest a lot like a pro …Just be honest to yourself and your orishas that way you are honest to creator and you are fine,contrary to anyone decree over your abilities..

It works, our ancestors are genius.  


Adekunle Ogun

Not regular 

​It’s on you if you can’t stick out your head for what/who you truthfully belive/trust in .As for me , Oloduamre,  my ifa,orishas and my ancestors have proven beyond doubt that I’m on the right paths …

Life is not actually a race but never take your eyes away from the challenges as these will help propel you to the next level if  given right attitude and efforts…

You just can’t slow down to stay on top of the game even if you live in the bush . 
Adekunle Ogun. 

Giving your best 

​I addore my shortcomings because of them I’m able to celebrate my strength … Never feel at loss in any changes that time brings to you especially when you know you have given nothing but your best always … it’s nothing  but another feather that is about to be added to your cap…

Hurray and rejoice for the blessings that the new change is ushering in …
Adekunle Ogun 

Keep keeping it real 

​Yes it could be very challeging being an  opened person as especially when you are in position of authority but it’s okay .At the end of each day  you will be able to go to bed knowing  that you have been honest and no one can say you tricked them about who you are truly…

Honesty is always the best choice…

Quick reward from lying is nothing but a deceit. 

The main thing is everlasting glory for being true to your words … 
Keep keeping it real and you will have the last laugh …
Adekunle Ogun  

Too aro 

​Iya mi agba, Iya mi eleye 

Are ni e ba mi se , e ma ma ba mi ja 

Erin n lagbara n rin ko odo l’ona

Eyin ni oloju ide 

Ewe obiba n be lara mi , N be lara Ifa mi 

E ma ba Ifa mi mule aburu   

Epo obo loni ki n bo lowo gbogbo aburu aye gbogbo 

Ewe Igba loni ki e gba ire titemi mi wa fun mi 

Ire ni a n soro atare , ire ni ki titemi o Ma je 

Iyere osun loni ki ire mi o Ma suna 

Ito o ni  bale ki o tun pada si enu 

Eran oka ba fi enu so , enu oka n ni ku si 

Akoko so igi sha , enu awo ni iba,  enu Owo n ni Ase 

Eyi emi Awosoji wi loni 

Ose loni ki ose 

Osun loni o Ma suna 

To aro n ni mon aso 

Too abala esu . .. 
The great mothers, my mothers of the great essence 

Fight not with me , play with me instead 

It’s with laughter that erosion take to meet and blend with big River 

You are the one with golden eyes 

I have Ase of obiba leave in me and my ikin ifa 

Do not have have evil oath with my Ifa 

It’s Ase of obo tree bark in me that will always allows me to be free from all hands of evil and negative attacks 

It’s Ase of Igba leave that commands to me all the blessings that are mine to run  to me 

Alligator pepper is all said for postive shifts / blessings 

Iyere osun (ifa board powder ) says my blessings won’t sleep on the way to me 

Saliva that was spit on ground can never find way back to the same mouth space it came from 

the prey that rattle snake strike always die around its terrain 

Wood pecker bird hit on the tree and make hole , it confirms that the words from the mouth of awo is filled with tribute and Ase  (power that be ) 

All that I, Awosoji has spoken/typed today 

It’s the ase of soap that make soap to foam that will make it come through 

It is osun says that it’s won’t sleep on the way to coming true 

It’s Ase of dye that make it to change original  color of a fabrics to its colour 

Esu regards to you and make way for my words of blessings to go through 


All our challeges will be changed to blessings and shout of pain and agony in the house of our enemies ….EEEEEE see eeeeee

Wake up call

When a fool is challeged, it’s a dead end. When a genius is attacked , it means a wake up calls to greatness ..

Stand up against those challeges today,turn it all to new blessings .Ase 
Adekunle Ogun

Adekunle Ogun 

Eepa Osha 

​Eepa Ifa ooo

Ifa eepa 

Eepa osa 

Orisha eepa 

For any priests or priestess that want to get well everyday for him/herself so he/she can be able to even help people that come for help better than before , you have to keep doing research and learning.

As you know I’m back home in Nigeria,  I have diverted my attention as usual to getting better in the part that my ori has chosen for me. 

In  my quest to upgrade spiritually, I was with my babalosha(my Obatala godfather) . Baba was able to  share more new understanding from working with Obatala and results. 

Contrary to many people belive, when blood  is given to Obatala, we don’t put it straight on Obatala stones or other shrine items other than  irin (the elephant bone that are sacred to Obatala) 

It’s on irin that blood will be put on in a separate plate , then you put palm oil as well, as ero.

Yes palm oil is Obatala taboo but when You spilled blood  palm oil has to come to calm the energy, you just have to clean the irin well before putting it back in Obatala pot and palm oil can’t touch the cowrie shells in the Obatala pot , yes you can put gin on Obatala but no palm wine  . 

according to Ifa…

Ifa say  

T’Awo ni epo 

T’ogberi l’eje 

Difa fun orunmila baba o s’ebo omo re tan l’orun 

Alade wa rubo omo tie tan l’orun 

T’Awo Lepo, T’ogberi l’eje 
The awo are the one with palm oil 

The novice are the one with blood 

Cast Ifa for orunmila when orunmila did ebo for his children in heaven 

The crown owner has done ebo for children 

The palm oil is for awo 

The blood is for the novice 
The mesasage here is clear , just like when you need postive and negative to make a power current. You can’t make current with just negative that is shocking without  postive current that will neautealize it to power up your electrical devices . 

When you spill blood , you definitely need palm oil to balance it irrespective of the situation.  

When you give blood and you don’t give palm on top of shrine , it’s good but not enough. 

Or you can just take a little touch of it to touch your pot if you know you can not Balance it out for some reasons.

Blood without palm oil is hardship . 
Back to the point , according to baba, giving offering of snails and Shea Butter and other Obatala food items that prepared in Obatala sacred way are bringing more postive  results than giving blood to Orisha obatala of white  robe ..

Eepa osha …

Obatala will safe us and won’t kill us . Ase 

Eepa orisha

Orisha eepa 

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