gods are not to blame 

gods are not to blame 

When you choose to plant your grains with hens walking side by side  with you

gods are not to blame 

When you continously put square pegs in round holes 

gods are not to blame 

When you failed to know your worth and carry/present  yourself accordingly
gods are not to blame 

When you know better but the choose to do otherwise 
gods are not to blame 

When you fail to plan which means you have planned to fail 
gods are not to blame 

When you choose to follow the crowd without your personal understand of the course 
gods are not to blame 

When you approach spirituality like materiality 
gods are not to blame 

When you do things contrary to your spiritual inclination 
gods are not to blame 

When you choose to be quiet where you should speak up 
gods are not to blame 

When you do undone in sacred spaces (Shrines) and the space becomes picture of rubbles instead of shrine 

gods are not to blame 

When you are working with priestesses/priestesses that have become unbecoming of their spiritual duties 
gods are not to blame 

When you continously repeat the same mistake or decisions that have never failed to fail you 
gods are not to blame for anything in your life 

Because they don’t need you 

You Need them

They are fair and accountable
Iku o ni jeun eni ki o pa eni 

Death won’t eat your food and kill you 

It simply means when you give to nature or do things with good intentions , it’s coming back to you when mostly needed. 
Asegbe ko si , asepamo n ni o wa

There is nothing done that won’t be accounted for ,what possible are things that are done for keep.

This means ,what you are is as a result of who your ancestors were; you have chance to improve on It or correct it to make it better for generation coming after you ….

A word is enough for the wise
Adekunle Oguns .


Odun Ifa 20017

Seriously Appreciating couple  of the new world


Internet and Smartphones ”

Hmmmm!these two breakthrough brought hope to hopeless in a grand-breaking dimensions,elevating and liberating not only unique  individuals  but also nations across the globe most especially third world countries…
At this same time it’s making people to be weak, dependent and more robotic in nature… it has broken many homes,culture,norms and values…
Well,I’m gonna focus on how it has helped saved life and still bringing more goodies .. 
Long story short, if the inventors knew how much  empowerments it would be for the voiceless and weak ones may be they would have thought differently. My opinion, I’m just saying … 

Indeed, it is a plus in my part of the world especially in bringing back and creating more awareness about who we truly are spiritually and physically… You are wondering why, well it’s because it’s so much brainwashed individuals walking around clueless of who exactly they are .
Now we having annual Ifa festival in Osogbo , I saw how many that are streaming it life and taking pictures sharing it with theirs all around the world instantly… That’s incredibly impressive and encouraging…. People are more motivated and excited not just by celebrants withing the town but across the world …
Happy Odun Ifa to all Awos and families…

Agboniregun Festival 2017/2018 Ile Ife .

​Ogunda Iwori, this the Odu ifa with which orunmila speak  to all the devotees of ifa and Orishas world wide.

 2017/2018  odu of the year came in all ire for all devotees,  it advises and give works to do so that we will have prosperity,stability,protection,peace,love and progress this year.ase 

A lot were revealed  during the process and  I’ll ldo my best to share as much as possible. Ifa great 


Ifa great all the followers of ifa /Orishas all over the world, those that made it to come and those that can’t be physically present but in spirit with us at oke itase ,ile ife,Osun state,Nigeria .

Ifa says all blessings that this year met with us will be multiplied by next year .ase . 

That this year celebration won’t be out last one on earth.ase 

That all the barren will be blessed with fruition of joy before next year .ase 

That we will all be bless with healing and protection.aseThat we will all enjoy all blessings .ase o

Ifa says we should feed/give offering to Ogun in the compound (Ogun shrine that’s for families or that is big ).So that Ogun will help keep us  safe from trouble of today, war and terrorists attacks here and there won’t be our portion . Ase 

Feed Ogun with his foods,drinks and his favourite four legs.Ogun will break down our enemies .ase

Also that respect be given to elders and  custodians of Orishas in our society. That younger priests and priestesses  under no circumstances should  disrespect the elders to prevent internal war among ourselves. 

Ifa says Osun be appeased and advised the men in power in differrent aspect of life to give our women more opportunities to have more saying and participation so we can move much better to facilitate faster breakthrough/victory on many challenges that we are facing in this new world we live  today . 

Ifa advise that we must keep promise to each other and our orishas so that we can enjoy stable growth in our spiritual and physical life.Fulfill spiratual covenant to avoid having to give what we can’t afford when judgment come .

All those that have someone that their Egbe has been coming up in idafa (Ifa consultation) or that have been dealing with Egbe issues should try to do their Egbe rituals or initiation so that they can be strengthen and blessed by Egbe this year.

Ogunda Iwori says those that have children that suppose to be talking but not yet should consult their Awo to do akose from this odu for them and the child will talk before next year .

That we should give more alms this year to less privileged ones and our blessings will be increased .

Esu must be fed so that enough finacial breakthrough to tackle the challeging  econmy will be provided to keep us save from bankruptcy or struggling.

 Ifa must be fed and  taken more serious at all time to ensure safe and successful travels for the Awos and to sharpen and strengthen our ase on our spiritual endeavours .

 Ifa advise us to be more patient a lot more this year as there will be upsetting instances.

Ifa says we should do all the ebo mentioned in this odu so that we don’t have regret.

Ifa says ebo be done so that the business and services of devotees will bring more sales and profits this year .

Ifa advise that its imperatives for devotees to fulfil their  spiritual promises or agreements  to be saved from terrible repercussions.

That devotees should work towards solidifying their faith in ifa /orishas to have more positive manifestations in their spiritual works .

Ifa says couple should be more honest to each other, don’t create issue that can make each other look bad in the face of truth. 

Ifa advise that we work on sustaining relationship this year to prevent break ups of union at differrent levels . 

That we must be doing our morning prayers consistently 

Ebo to help those looking for spouse to be able to find good one before next year. 

Ebo to have babies by people that are looking to have .

Ebo for good health to prevent sickness from entering all the nine holes in our body. 

We should desist from being those that hear the word of Orunmila and do contrary to it . 

These are messages from Agboniregun for us for this year . 

May all the blessings of ancestors pains and hardwork  come for us to enjoy this year . Ase 

It won’t be completed if I do not state couple of verses in ogunda iwori where orunmila speak to us . 


Ogunda o l’apo 

Iwori o l’ofa

Ofa kan soso Iwori ni lo kun inun Apo ,n lo se Apo yoroyoro 

Adifa Alapo Ekun ti n gbogun lo ajo ti o jin gbungbun bi ojo

Won ni e mon je ki Alapo ekun o lo 

Alapo ekun ni o n o lo 

Oni ni nitoripe isoju oni Ila n ni ila se i ko

Won ni a mon je ki Alapo ekun o lo 

Alapo ekun ni o n o lo 

Oni ni nitoripe isoju oni Ikan n ni ikan n se wo ewu eje

Won ni a mon je ki Alapo ekun o lo 

Alapo ekun ni o n o lo 

Oni ni nitoripe bi dadabiri ba lu igi a fe ku.

A o fi ikan,awo ekun ati dadabiri kun ebo 


Ogunda doesn’t have arrow pouch 

Iwori doesn’t have many arrow 

The only one arrow that iwori has is what fill up the arrow pouch 

Castle ifa for the one with Tiger skin pouch that’s taking war to a far away country 

They(enemies/negative energies ) say they won’t let him go 

He said he will go 

He said because it’s in the presence of okro farmer that okro get too ripe 

He said he will go because it’s in the presence of garden egg farmer that it to turn red 

He said he will go because when dadabiri get on tree it disappears 

*garden Eddie fruit, Tiger skin and dadabiri be added to Ebo here for more ase to our safe travel in front of obstacles. 

2.Agbara ni o lókó 

O fi Enu ara re gbe ile 

Difa fun Ogunda ti n lo re la iwori l’agan 

Ebo ni won ni ko se 

O gbebo orubo, o gberu o tu 

Won ni Ogunda Wo a ni nibe o 

Won a ni Ogunda ti o la iwori l’agan 


Erosion doesn’t have sharp edges but it uses its mouth to dig ground 

Cast ifa for Ogunda that will end the barren nature of Iwori 

Ebo was advised to be done ; ebo done .

They which Ogunda are referring to ,they say the Ogunda that ended iwori barrenness 

Ogun will end our barrenness this year 

3.Ko kole o beeni ko sun ori igi

Ko roko beeni ko je erupe Ile

Beeni Ko ba won gbonbu u  lo wi 

Beeni ko toro suku suku eja lowo baba won 

Ko si toro Okasa lowo gbondo gbondo

Agba ti o ko ifa mon ifa mon o si ni o n ko ri eru je 

Adifa fun Aja olele, nijoti nsawo re odo Oro 

Ebo ni won ni o wa se 

O gbebo o rubo 

Ajaolele ifa ti o oda ni  oro se

Ajaolele won ni ogun yan lobe 

Ajaolele ifa ti o da ni  oro se

Aja olele


He didn’t build a house but he doesn’t sleep on tree 

He doesn’t farm still he doesn’t eat sand 

He didn’t go help do fishing in depth of river 

He never beg to get to have fish to eat from their fathers 

He didn’t borrow fishing net from fishermen

the elder that stop learning more ifa that’s complaining about not being blessed with eru 

Cast ifa for AjaOlele when he’s on spiritual  sojourn to Oro town 

Ebo was advised to be done ,who done.

Ajaolele  ifa that you cast for them in oro is coming true 

Ajaolele,  it was said you stabbed someone 

Ajaolele ifa that you casted in oro has come true 


May we be protected on our journey and have success on our Engagement .ase


Ogunda ta ta ta beni o l’apo

Iwori ta ta ta beni o  l’ofa  Ofa kan soso iwori ni n be ninu apo ti n se apo yoro yoro

Adifafun Lele ti n se omo Onibon

Adifa fun Porogodo omo Ikora

Adifa fun Edageregere omo bibi inu agbonniregun

Won ni won  o rubo laiku ara won

Edageregere nikan ni n be leyin ti n tubo 

Iku se bi ere, iku pa Lele ti n se omo Onibon

Iku sebi ere iku pa Porogodo omo Ikora Gbogbo iworosope aiku akapo ni ifa n se.


Ogunda shoot arrow continuously even though he doesn’t have arrow pouch 

Iwori shoot non stop even though he doesn’t seems to have arrows 

The only arrow iwori has is what filled up his arrow pouch 

Castle ifa for Lele child of Onibon

Cast ifa for Porogodo child of Ikora 

Cast ifa for Edageregere child of Orunmila 

They were all advised to do ebo to avert sudden death 

Only Edageregere did the ebo 

Death killed Lele child of Onibon 

Death killed Porogodo omo Ikora 

All the ifa and Orishas devotees now you know ifa has been making sure we don’t dies suddenly so we live long .

May we all enjoy longevity .ase 

Eleboru Elaboye Elabosise 

Awosoji Adekunle Ogun.

Your Age is not what make you an elder 

Your age is not what make you an elder …

 Your experience,  your knowledge of life, those in it,before and beyond,  your positive mindset ,your good Strong Godly faith, and most importantly your ability to recognize  those fine looking sick people in our societies that are incurable simply because they are too blind to realize they are sick and need treatment …
Ko si eni ti n ba eti dun iwo 

No one fight deer for having horns 

Ko si enia ti n ba ore dun ipe 

No one competite with ore (stinging hair stands bush rats) for its stinging hair strands .

No one can take your blessings from you no matter how much they tried because it’s your birth right,  your destiny …
Be strong,  be brave , ready to fight for what you believe and you will be unstoppable…

Be that too hot one for your adversities…

Life is War …. 

Be prepared everyday…
Adekunle Ogunhimself

Spiritual Healing by way of Ifa/Orishas 

Brooklyn NY 

Staying postive and open to all that are blessings for me and truly loved ones .

Your happiness is my joy , your progress is my success too..

We are all for each other .

One hand can’t lift an heavy load to the head ..

It takes two hands to beat chest (assurance of success ) 

It takes many legs walking  in bush  to make it a road , it’s takes many ants to form an army of ants , it takes many bees to make a beehive … 

I belive strongly in unity and love to make ground breaking achievement .. we have example everywhere by nature from insects to animals and fishes … 

Let’s all work towards pure unconditional union to make it all better for not only us but also generation unborn….

Hold on to that faith in our ancestors, the orishas,  do right by ourselves,  be truthful, shun being a betrayal then we have clear ground for better today and tomorrow … ase 

Adekunle Ogun 

Brooklyn , New York….


​Listen , no matter how beautiful or cute you are;Some folks  will still say you are ugly.  

No matter how kind you are,  some will still say you are mean .

No matter how dedicated and hardwirking you are ,some colleagues and boss will still have stuffs to complain about.

No matter how loving and caring you are , be prepared for when you will be asked “what have you done for me question”from your loved ones ..

Bottom line , just do what your best allows , wait for no accolades and be cool…

All that matter is you making positive impacts in the life of those you cross paths with and those that cross paths with you  … 

Striving for hype is for the weak ones 

Living for legacy is for the kings and Queens of their destiny … the achievers 

Eleboru elaboye elabosise 

Adekunle Ogun  …


​Eda kan o gbon bi Eledumare 

No being is as wise as Oloduamre  (God)

Ways and manner you seek and chant your orishas is how they manifest for you.
If you pray to Orishas and chant them up with bitterness,hangwr,bickering and arrogant,  you will manifest that aspect of them even more .
Being humble, obedience ,respectful of those elders that had laid their ase on you , being trustful to the foundation of your evolution spiritually ,being positive ,being peaceful even with enemies ,  being able to appreciate your weaknesses and being able to know you can move mountain because you are starlight; and  on points of most necessitates of righteousness will give you eternal peace as everything you encounter will be blessings regardless of how others interpret them.
Apart from saying all these, I live by these doctrine. It makes life easier for me. I smile at situations most people will go to war for because I know it’s all blessings in disguise 😁
In ireteodunjo, ifa let us know that even if you refer to orunmila as hot as fire , then ifa will be manifesting hot fire in your life .if you are  appraising him as the one with all blessings and peace with love , you will life  will be blossoming with all positive human attributes…

It’s all about choices, you can chose to be mean or peaceful.. it’s on all you … 
Eleboru elaboye elabosise 
Adekunle Ogunhimself   

Ifa odun 

Alafia /Peace 

The more you give to Orishas in honesty and faith

The more they reward/bless you back in many ways that you may not  even realize 
We are getting ready and preparing to host numbers of babalawo for New Year 2017 ifa consultations  that continues tomorrow. 
Ifa says : 

Ogodo Owu n lo gboke odo t’opayin Keke s’oloko 

Difa alahuntakun ti o ma se o n gbogbo bi Idan

Ebo won ni o ,ogbebo o rubo 

Awo rere n logodo owu ti o oke odo ti o payinkeke s’oloko 

Ire aje ti a o ni bi Idan ni 

Aworere n logodo to gboke odo payinkeke s’oloko 

Ire gbogbo ti a ni bi idan ni 

Awo rere logodo owu to gboke odo payinkeke s’oloko 
Ogodo Owu n lo gboke odo t’opayin Keke s’oloko  (an Ifa priest)
Cast ifa for spider that will be doing so many great things like magic 

Ebo he was advised to do 

He did ebo 

ogodo owu that lives uphill that smile at farmer  is a great priest

The blessing of wealth that we will have this year will be like magic 

ogodo owu that lives uphill that smile at farmer  is a great priest

The blessing of good health that we will have this year will be like magic 

ogodo owu that lives uphill that smile at farmer  is a great priest

All good blessings that we will have this year will be like magic 

ogodo owu that lives uphill that smile at farmer  is a great priest
We will receive great many  blessings this  year like magic .ase 
Eleboru elaboye elabosise 
Adekunle Ogun 

Aparo Oyeye

​Ase Ase Ase 

To all the people praying and wishing me well reflecting on our experiences when we crossed paths , my sincere appreciation for all my loving and kind people that are always there for me come rain Come shine  because of their unshakable faith and trust in the ancestors that plant us  in each other’s paths,as nothing happen by accident. It’s all  predestined.  
It’s not by my power or wisdom but the manifestation of my ori … my ori I hold on to you , continue to lead me on on this journey of life , continue to allow me to leave postive marks in everyone that I cross paths with . Ase
I know there is no way I can walk without my head shaking but please Ifa and orishas, never stop to do my battle for me , continue to break down the antics of enemies that poses as friends , those colleagues that I open my heart,my home, my life up to that still want me to fall, those that are waiting for bad things to happen to me so that they can rejoice,  Ifa I give them unto you , do justice to them . 

You said in my odu. 

Aparo  Oyeye ko fe ki oka o dagba 

O n fe abe yoyo ma a gbe , 

N lo difa fun oniresanbe , omo erin werewere-etiko 

Ni ojo ti Ogun omo Araye ka mon pitipiti.

Won n se onire mon mon wa’di  

Onire mon mon  iyara, 

Ope- agunka ti o gbekele mon mon ju odi lo …

Translation : 

  The wild birds does not want the guineas corn to grow old 

They want to be living under his shade and cover 

Cast Ifa for onire of isanbe

the one with young elephant by the farm ( a vibrant successful young smart person) 

The day he was surrounded by enemies attack of all kind ranging from misunderstanding to  blasphemy,  from sabotage to wanting see him stuck and fall because of thier envy and insecurity .

He casted  Ifa and ifa say trust no power other Oloduamre,and that he should do nothing other than trusting his Ifa because his Ifa is bigger, more powerful than all the challenges and will always be enough for him .
Ori put me here, ifa you are leading me on,I’m trusting you and I know success is  guaranteed..









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