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Ilera L’oro ” Health is Wealth”

Part 2 to the Health Is Wealth: Traditional Yoruba Healing Arts Lecture Tour with Elders from Oyo & Osogbo Nigeria.

Every Tuesday Afternoon
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Health is Wealth in Atlanta

Giving thanks for all that came to the conference tagged “Health Is Wealth” here at Southwest Arts Center ,Atl.GA on April 1st,2018.
It was another successful, informative, educating and spiritual gathering that’s allowing us to learn more from each other.

Special Thanks goes to Baba Agbongbon Fakayode Faniyi Awo Of Osogbo for opening doors to his spiritual families here in Atlanta for our support and accommodation (Awo Odutola Orisagbemi Eegungbade)
Modupe oo baba and Osogbo idin-Ileke temple chief Awise Awo Olaifa Onifade Aremun and Iyaloosa Iyalorisa Oyelola Elebuibon families for their presence.

We are still going to be here in Atlanta till 10th of April when we travel to Seattle,WA.

May Irunmonle continues to light up our dark spot to make more positive decisions. Ase.


I’m here in Atlanta with my elders.. Come one come all to a special workshop on “Health is Wealth ”


Purchase your tickets: http://bit.ly/2prKBLN

Historical Tour with Truest Priests and Priestess of Ifa/Orishas…

Latest Update on our travels. We will be here in Brooklyn,NY till 28th of March when we will travel to Atlanta for workshop on 30th at 1536 Ralph David Abernathy Blvd. SW
Atlanta, GA 30310.
Also we will be doing initiation of Egbe and Oya at our Atlanta residence located at 452 paines avenue north west Atlanta GA. 30318. We leave Atlanta on April 12th to San Francisco for another workshop and lecture on 15th of April. Then another Class in Los Angeles on 21st of April..

We are open for visitation ,discussion, invitation and divination for individuals and ile that are willing to connect and relate with truest African priests and priestess. Highest Egbe priest and Ifa ;highest priestess of Egbe .

Happy Ifa weekday

Ose ifa

Healing all the way 

Upcoming trip is all about healing all the way. Herbal and Spiritual healing in different modes. It’s not only with what we eat,drink or inject to us that we get to be healed. Sometimes it’s by way of looking at some special figures,traditional arts representations  or symbol, by hearing some breathing words of  incantation or special touches on sacred parts of our physical Temple  (body).
If the spirit is sick, no matter how much herbs or medicines one drinks or eats, it will still be like eating nuts and drink regular tea in the morning . Spiritual  and physical  healing go hands in hands .

We will share other aspects of Yorubas daily life  In Africa. We have Iya Egbe to talk about life of mother,wife and girls in yoruba land in years back as she will share her experiences with us. We have baba Ogunjimi to educate us on rite of passages and rituals that are essential.He will share with us the essence of  spiritual initiations and other necessarry rituals wish references from odu’s’ of ifa.

Baba Akangbe is on hand to share his experience as traditional artist of great  experience having made his marks on number of occasions around the world for the last 3 decades.

We are all going to be out there for all that care and belief in healing and teaching each other. Ase

Wishing everyone a very great weekend and happy ose ifa day. Ase

2018 US Tour with My elders

E kaaro o
Happy Ifa weekday
Ifa will let us enjoy favour.ase
As I prepare to come with three. of my great elders, great priestess and priests to USA.
It’s still very cold in New York and some other states that we will be visiting, it’s there first visit to USA except my father,Akangbe.Therefore I will appreciate any help to get them settled and fit in,among other things they will need winter jacket, sweeter,thick pants,headwarmer (hat) and winter shoes/boots.

We will have brief stay in Brooklyn before we travel to Atlanta. We will definitely be back to NYC. I’m using this opportunity to open to anyone or group that wants to organize or receive these great minds for us to share and meet. Please inbox me so I can plug in the time and place as soon as possible. Thanks

Total Package of Yoruba Traditional  Healing Acts 

2018 US Tour tagged  “Total Package of Healing Acts”

We are set and ready.. make your bookings 

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